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Grains of sand, bridges, shampoo, a bike, board games, yoga, sellotape, birds, balloons, tattoos, wandering hands, tweezers, maths, fish, letterboxes, puppets, a vacuum cleaner, a ball of string and love. In this fiction of yous and mes, of hims and hers, Pagano choreographs the objects, gestures, places, and persons through which love is made real. Advance Praise for Trysting Its familiar, never banal. It has nothing performative, only secretive. [] It is all of an incredible sensitivity/finesse. Olivia de Lamberterie, Elle It is an album of destinies. They each have their décor. They talk of first frosts, of the wood that must be entered, of the huge rubbish tips of life, of the disorder of houses. Of beds that are no longer made because they are too often occupied. Of the warmth of being at home and of finding oneself. This essential truth of what we are. Emmanuelle Pagano sends every reader back to familiar territory. Her book is full of discreet and recognisable emotion. Xavier Houssin, Le Monde Under her pen which is an eye, Pagano exalts the wastage of time, its grand affair. Time and its arbitrary wing as Lord Byron said. In this little game of references, its the sharp eye of Duras, that of La Vie materielle, that must be evoked, or of Violette Leduc and the essential fantasy of Emily Dickinson. Emmanuelle Pagano: remember her name! Thierry Clermont, Le Figaro Prosaic but never vulgar, Emmannuelle Pagano dissects lovers promiscuity, interrogates the cartography of our emotional lives. Clémentine Goldszal, Les Inrockuptibles Seizing reality at that troubling junction between the quotidian and the extraordinary, the banal and the poetic, this literary package/machine with no equivalent unknots the internal ball of string where hides the points of departure or arrival, of love in a life or a night, of a daily rhythm or a sudden surprise. Alexandre Gefen, Le magazine littéraire

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