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Hidden Histories: A Spotter's Guide to the British Landscape

Hidden Histories: A Spotter's Guide to the British Landscape

Mary-Ann Ochota


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<i>This fascinating spotters guide to Britains historical landscape what to see and how to decipher it is rammed with intriguing nuggets</i>. <b>Sunday Times</b><br /><i>A definitive classic field guide... Its scope is as magnificent as our countryside itself.</i><b>BBC Countryfile Magazine</b><br /><i>This book is perfect for anyone whos travelled through the countryside, scratched their head, and thought, what on earth is that thing?'</i><b> Tony Robinson</b><br /> For the times when youre driving past a lumpy, bumpy field and you wonder what made the lumps and bumps; for when youre walking between two lines of grand trees, wondering when and why they were planted; for when you see a brown heritage sign pointing to a tumulus but you dont know what to look for Entertaining and factually rigorous, <i>Hidden Histories </i>will help you decipher the story of Britain's landscape through the features you can see around you.<br /> This spotters guide arms the amateur explorer with the crucial information needed to read the landscape and spot the human activities that have shaped our green and pleasant land. Photographs and diagrams point out specific details and typical examples to help the curious spotter get their eye in and understand what theyre looking at, or looking for. Specially commissioned illustrations bring to life the processes that shaped the landscape (from medieval ploughing to Roman road building).  Stand-alone capsules explore interesting aspects of history (like the Highland Clearances or the coming of Christianity), and text boxes provide definitions of jargon or handy references as required (like a glossary of what different field names mean).  Each chapter culminates in a checklist of key details to look for, other things it might be, and gives details of where to find some of the best examples in Britain.

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