Written by Kate

NearSt named 'Startup of the Year' at Retail Systems Award 2017!

We are Startup Company of the year! Named so at the 12th annual Retail Systems Awards and we have to say, feels good man.


We beat out four other amazing startups shortlisted for this particular award while the entire event celebrates excellence and innovation in the retail sector.
Hear that Mum, we're excellent AND innovative.

What we're working to accomplish at NearSt is fairly straight forward. We just couldn't wrap our minds around the fact that buying something online is considered easier than finding it nearby.

So we identified the problem, and now we're solving it. Finger snap in a Z formation.

We're connecting our technology to shop inventories in 15+ categories all around London; ultimately making the convenience of ordering online from somewhere like Amazon, irrelevant.

We think the ideal part of convenience isn’t necessarily even about delivery, but about improving the visibility of what is available locally so you can find what you need in minutes.

3 - 5 business days in the dark while you wait for your new lightbulb to arrive, or a quick walk to the DIY shop down the street?

The peeps at Retail Systems seemed to think the latter.

Try it for yourself on!

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