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How to make your shop stock visible online with NearLIVE.

At NearSt we know that a large percentage of today's shoppers that are searching for products online are still making their final purchase in store. In 2015 alone, there were 480 BILLION (yep, you read that right) local shopping searches. We're talking a growth of 146% from previous years.

This is a number worth paying attention to, so we thought - if people are searching for products nearby... if given the option would they they not buy them as well?

That amount of localised searches equates to £4.0 BILLION in sales that over 250,000 UK shops are missing out on; because these inventories are invisible to those users who are googling to find what they need. Shops that have been established for years often have incompatible technology to match the on-demand nature of e-commerce.

This is what NearSt is all about. The idea of connecting every product, in every shop, on every high street, to shoppers nearby. We've created a technology to solve the hurdles in creating and maintaining an online presence for your shop. We call it NearLIVE - Real Time Local Inventory.

NearLIVE is a technology that shopkeepers & owers can use to easily show live inventory using their existing legacy techology.

How NearLIVE brings High Streep shops to the next level.

  • Sales - The lifeline of any business, NearLIVE will not only increasing online sales by allowing your products to be visible in localised searches, but will increase footfall to your shop.

  • Online Shop page - Most experts would agree that in order to excel in business and promote trust in your brand would be to have an online presence. Users can discover and shop directly from your shelves on

  • Support - Building a solid community of real people is one of the things we are striving for here at NearSt. We are continuously trying to improve our experience for our shopkeepers and count on you guys to know what is most valuable.

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