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Bookshop of the Month! Brick Lane Bookshop

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"People say life was hard in the East End but I found the living was easy and I loved it." - John Claridge

High Streets are the social heart of London. ?? ? ? ???? @popcornminbak

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If you've ever been to Brick Lane on a weekend, you have probably at least poked your head inside #166, easily recognizable by it's colourful and quirky window display.

Full of History

It's a bookshop that has provided London's East End with literature since the 1970s, when it was formed out of a protest. Could this be the coolest bookshop in the world? Well, it's definitely a contender!

Many know to explore Brick Lane when looking for a taste of the exotic, but did you know that from the 1950s-1970s, it was home to an animal market? They sold everything from birds to lion cubs. ???? #HighStreetHistory @bricklanebookshop

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Now, what Brick Lane Bookshop may lack in square footage and cosy nooks, it more than makes up for with their extensive collection of books and other goodies. The team is full of down-to-earth East End enthusiasts who know their fair share about books.

Get to know the bookshop team:
& Glenn

A definite crowd favourite are the always-changing, multi-coloured Penguin classics bags you can see hanging in the window, and there's more than a few of them being toted around in the crowd outside.

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