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Behind the scenes at South Kensington Bookshop

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It was an easy choice to feature South Kensington Books as our shop of the Month! Any shop that has been trading for over forty years (albeit under various names and ownership) definitely deserves a spotlight!

Specializing in Visual Arts, Architecture and Photography, South Kensington Books also boasts an extensive History section. Not to be overlooked, they also sell varied titles covering Poetry, Music, Biography, Cookery as well as Fiction. This niche bookshop is a must-visit for anyone pursuing an authentic London literary experience.

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When visiting, it is very likely you will run into either Charlotte or Dave, or if you're really lucky - both! These veterans of the book trade have been serving up literary goodness to the people of London and beyond with South Kensington Books for a combined THREE decades!

Now, to head to the same place of work for 30 years takes some serious passion for what you're doing. When asked what they love so much to keep them coming back to work year after year, the answer was simple. It's the combination of creative freedom and being surrounded by beautiful books all day.

The sign of a great bookshop is that people just can't help but stop and check it out!? ? @southkenbooks ? ? Head straight to the shelves of your favourite bookshops and more! ????

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This team goes above and beyond for their customers, and really think of them first when stocking the shelves. In fact, more than once they've seen their regulars pick up a book that was silently picked for them in the ordering process.

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