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Bookshop of the Month! Kew Bookshop

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A must visit on your trip to Kew Gardens

I knew even before I got out of the tube station.. our bookshop of the month was the real deal. The string of people that came into the Kew Bookshop during the short time frame I was there just proved it.


The team, at the time of my visit, comprised of the two lovely shop managers Anna and Weinay, as well as the owner Adam. All 3 jumped into action for each person walking in. It was impressive to watch them work out in their heads where a certain book was displayed in seconds all while discussing the plot and what they enjoyed about it.

Putting this here as a reminder I need to read more...


The Kew bookshop boasts quite a few recent award nods. After being nominated for Best independent bookshop in London by major publication Vanity Fair, they also made it into the finalists for independent bookshop of the year at the Booksellers Awards.

Windows that'll stop you in your tracks

It was hard to miss the bookshop even with their front lot full of vehicles because of the giant lion drawing my eyes in! Created especially for the Kew bookshop by children's author and illustrator Ed Vere.

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In fact, their team is pretty creative themselves. Check out this awesome ‘Incurably Curious’ window display tutorial they made for the Wellcome Book Awards! (They won, side note)

Full of history

Kew Bookshop boasts a whole section on the rich history of the area. The journey to the Kew Gardens that we know and love today actually started way back in 1299. While this bookshop is a little more recent, it still has 30 years worth of stories to tell. In fact, the original owner still comes in to find new books!


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